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41+ Best Motivational Quotes & Images! [Updated 2018]

Finding inspiration throughout your day can be tough sometimes. We’ve gathered a list of the very best quotes and images to help motivate you. Whether you’re having a bad day or just need an extra lift in the morning, you can use this collection of famous sayings to stay positive and inspired.

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Motivational quotes about life

Here are some inspirational thoughts from famous writers to help keep you motivated throughout the day. Use them if you are stuck in a rut and wondering what to do next. Many of these sayings are applicable to all life situations and aren’t exclusive to work or relationships.

1. Life is about developing your own unique traits, strengths, and relationships.

motivational quote about life

2. Make your own path in life – it doesn’t have to be perfect.

motivational quotes image bhagavad gita

3. What you do in the present will effect all your futures.

motivational quote for today

4. Turn hardships and misfortunes into opportunities by keeping the right mindset.

motivational quote how to react

5. People are going to judge you no matter what you do. Stay true to yourself and make decisions based on your values.

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6. Never give up on yourself. You always have the chance to improve or change if you’re unsatisfied.

motivational quote its never too late

7. Just do it.

motivational quote just do it

8. Starting is often the most important and most difficult step.

motivational quote on getting started

9. Believe in yourself and make the impossible possible.

motivational quote on impossible

10. Build up your inner strength and resilience as it will carry you through countless hardships and trials.

motivational quote strength within

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Short motivational quotes

Need a quick lift in your attitude during the day? Use these short, positive quotes about work and life when you’re feeling down. They can really help pull you out of a rut and even help encourage those around you.

11. Change begins with you and carries infinitely outwards into the world.

motivational quote about change

12. Failure can be viewed as progress through the right lens.

motivational quote about failure

13. Finding happiness is a lifelong journey that begins with you.

motivational quote about happiness

14. Don’t wait for the perfect moment… there is none.

motivational quotes image dont wait

15. Treat everyone how you would want to be treated. Kindness and empathy often trump knowledge and wisdom.

motivational quote about people

16. Learn from your mistakes and turn your faults into strengths.

motivational quote about wisdom

17. Be true to yourself, you’ll surely fail by trying to imitate others.

motivational quote be yourself

18. Progress is progress. Keep pushing forward slowly one step at a time.

motivational quote confucius

19. Conditions in life will never be perfect. Do the most with what you have and find comfort in doing your best.

motivational quote do what you can

20. Don’t be afraid of the odds. Find something meaningful to pursue, even if it’s incredibly difficult.

motivational quote elon musk

Motivational quotes about fitness

Getting to the gym and sticking with your workout routine can be hard some days. If you can keep a good mindset though, you’ll be more likely to stick to your plans and reach your fitness goals. Here are some thoughts and sayings to help keep you motivated about working out and building healthy habits.

21. Great things take effort over long periods of time to achieve.

motivational quote fitness achievements

22. Focus on what you can do each day to improve yourself and move towards your goals.

motivational quote fitness ali

23. You only lose when you decide to give up.

motivational quote fitness failure

24. You will miss out on all the opportunities you shy away from. Be bold and take your chances.

motivational quote fitness gretzky

25. Build a healthy habit and let it guide you towards victory.

motivational quote fitness habits

26. Focus on the journey of improvement rather than what awaits you at the finish line.

motivational quote fitness image

27. Have fun with difficult challenges. Things aren’t engaging when they’re easy.

motivational quote fitness impossible

28. Don’t give up long term goals over short term inconveniences.

motivational quote fitness pain and quitting

29. Just try to get a little better each day. If you focus on perfection you may never get there.

motivational quote fitness progress

30. Inner strength is the base building block of physical strength.

motivational quote fitness strength

31. You have to put forth great efforts if you expect great results.

motivational quote fitness work

Motivational quotes for success at work

Finding meaningful work is something that we all strive for. Even with a fulfilling career, there are undoubtedly times when we are caught in a rut. However, if we can recover quickly and stay optimistic, then we are more likely to perform well and find success. Here are some amazing quotes on finding inspiration and success at work.

32. Lift yourself up by encouraging others.

motivational quote work best

33. You never fail if you’re willing to give it one more try.

motivational quote work dont give up

34. Bill Gates says you learn more from failures than you do success.

motivational quote work failure

35. Failure is nothing to be embarrassed about. Learn from your mistakes and come back stronger.

motivational quote work image

36. Listen to your heart and follow your passion.

motivational quote work inner voice

37. True motivation and passion comes from within.

motivational quote work ladder

38. If you aren’t failing from time to time then you likely aren’t pushing your limits enough.

motivational quote work learning

39. Draw strength and lessons from your past mistakes instead of pain and regret.

motivational quote work mistakes

40. You have to be a little weird and extraordinarily passionate to be at the top.

motivational quote work number one

41. Success will never work unless you are willing to put in the effort and hours.

motivational quote work success

Motivational quotes video

Check out our short motivational quotes video with the 20 inspirational quotes to help you through the week.

Stay motivated throughout your day

Being optimistic about work, life, and relationships can make your life more fulfilling and enjoyable. Having the right mindset will set you up for success and even help you find your way out of difficult situations. Having the wrong mindset, however, can often doom your chances of success from the very start. Try to feed your mind uplifting content because it can have a real affect on both your happiness and the wellness of those around you.