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23+ Best Corny Love Quotes to Lighten the Mood

Here are some cheesy, corny love quotes and images to share with your significant other. Keep your relationship fun and light-hearted with these sayings!

Cheesy Love Quotes and Images

1. “They say that Disney World is the “happiest place on earth”. Obviously they’ve never been in your arms.” – Unknown

corny love quotes they say disney

Take a vacation somewhere

Take a little time off and go somewhere special. Creating a break in routine gives individuals and relationships a break from every day events. It also allows you to focus on this privileged time no matter where you choose to spend it. Wish someone a happy journey with our list of quotes.

2. “Let’s commit the perfect crime . I’ll steal you’re heart. And you steal mine.” – Darcy Zamora

corny love quotes - Darcy Zamora

Plan a candlelight dinner

A candlelight dinner is a great way to spend an evening without breaking the bank. Set the atmosphere right for you and a loved by picking up some candles for dinner.

3. “I like you a lottle. It’s like a little, except a lot.” – Unknown

corny love quotes i like you a lottle

Buy some flowers randomly

There’s almost never a wrong time to show someone they’re special and that you appreciate them. Pick up some flowers for your significant other randomly from time to time to remind them that you care. Here are some love quotes for hump day to get you going.

4. “You’re like a sharpie. Super fine.” – Unknown

corny love quotes youre like a sharpie

Take a relaxing walk around the park

Sometimes relationships can be difficult and straining. It’s good to take a break together from time to time to replenish our patience and understanding. Take some time to develop peace of mind for yourself and your significant other.

5. “There are seven billion smiles in this world, and yours is my favorite.” – Kristen Proby

corny love quotes - Kristen Proby

Stargaze with your partner

Spend an evening stargazing with your partner. It’s wonderful how small we are when looking up at the night sky. Remembering that we are a fleeting moment in the universe can hopefully make us appreciate the moment and each other.

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6. “My favorite place is inside your hug” – Unknown

corny love quotes my favorite place

Hug a friend

With the world interacting mostly online, physically connections like a high five or hug can go a long way. Remind your friends that you’re there for them with a friendly hug or pat on the back.

7. “The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.” – Audrey Hepburn

corny love quotes - Audrey Hepburn

Leave a love note

Leave your significant other a loving message for them to find. Put it somewhere they can’t miss like on the refrigerator or next to their keys so they can leave to work happy in the morning. A small gesture can really go a long way to letting someone know you’re thinking about them.

8. “You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” – Dr. Seuss

love quotes dr suess

Have a breakfast in bed

Wake up a little bit earlier than your significant other and make them a nice breakfast in bed. Make sure that you change your sheets afterwards because that’s how you get ants.

9. “I look at you and see the rest of my life in front of my eyes.” – Unknown

corny love quotes i look at you

Go to the theaters

With the abundance of titles on Netflixs and countless other streaming services, we’re mostly bound to our couches. Go get a change of atmosphere by going to the movie theaters or even better a drive in theater if available near you.

10 “The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard, but must be felt with the heart.” – Helen Keller

corny love quotes - Helen Keller

Go to a concert

We highly recommend spending your budget on experiences rather than things. Going to a concert or festival together is a great way to create great memories with your loved ones.

11.  “If you can make a woman laugh, you can make her do anything.” – Marilyn Monroe

corny love quotes - Marilyn Monroe

A few good laughs can go a long way. Life just doesn’t have to be that serious. We’re all just floating along a big blue marble with no clear rhyme or reasons. Would definitely be good to get a few laughs in along the way.

12. “Tis better to have loved and lost. Than never to have loved at all.” – Alfred Tennyson

corny love quotes - Alfred Tennyson

It’s often human nature to remember bad times and painful events. Take some time to remember all of the good times in your relationship as well to give yourself some balance. If you want to knock your relationship for everything bad in your life, it’s only fair you give it credit for any happiness it’s brought you too right?

13. “You’re like pizza. The cheesier the better.” – Unknown

corny love quotes youre like pizza

Keep things light

Relationships can be fun and light. We think that the best relationships are ones where you can relate like friends. While there are times that serious life decisions must be made, there are also plenty of time to goof around or cheese it up. Here is a list of fun quotes about holding your friends down in times of need.

Sappy Love Quotes

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sappy love quotes - Zelda Fitzgerald

sappy love quotes you are my dream

sappy love quotes - Paulo Coelho

sappy love quotes - Stephen Chbosky

sappy love quotes - Alfred Tennyson

Keep it cheesy

We hope that this list of cheesy love quotes can add a smile to your relationships. We often need light-heartedness to balance out the many serious decision that most relationships have to face from time to time. We also have an extensive list of love quotes and ideas for more romantic settings and moments.