100 Ways to Say Goodbye

A collection of ways to say goodbye to friends, family, coworkers, and peers for you to use in messages, text, chat, letters, and more.

ways to say goodbye

Ways to Say Goodbye to Friends

  1. "Until next time, my friend."

  2. "Catch you on the flip side!"

  3. "Farewell until we meet again."

  4. "Peace out, my friend."

  5. "Goodbye, and good luck!"

  6. "It's not goodbye, it's see you soon."

  7. "Take it easy, mate!"

  8. "Adios, amigo!"

  9. "Goodbye, keep shining!"

  10. "Au revoir, until we see each other again."

  11. "Safe travels, till our paths cross again."

  12. "Cheerio, take care!"

  13. "Sayonara, have a safe journey."

  14. "It's time to part ways for now until we meet again."

  15. "Happy trails! Until next time."

  16. "Take care and goodbye."

  17. "Goodbye, take it easy and stay safe!"

  18. "Until next time, and may our roads cross soon."

  19. "We'll see each other again soon! Goodbye for now."

  20. "Take care of yourself - until we meet again."

  21. "Goodbye, remember to keep your head up and stay positive!"

  22. "We'll see each other again! Goodbye for now."

  23. "Have a good one - until next time!"

  24. "Stay safe, goodbye!"

  25. "Take care of yourself, goodbye, and stay safe!"

  26. "Keep your chin up - until next time."

  27. "May peace be upon you - goodbye."

  28. "Go forth and prosper - until next time."

  29. "Goodbye, keep on smiling!"

  30. "Take it easy - see you soon!"

Ways to Say Goodbye to Family

ways to say goodbye to family
  1. "Until we meet at the family table again, goodbye."

  2. "Family ties are never broken, see you soon."

  3. "Keep the home fires burning, goodbye for now."

  4. "Wishing you all the love, until next time."

  5. "Always in my heart, goodbye for now."

  6. "Parting is sweet sorrow, until we gather again."

  7. "Keep making us proud, see you at the next family event."

  8. "Family forever, goodbye for now."

  9. "Take care of each other, until we meet again."

  10. "May our paths cross at the next family reunion, goodbye."

  11. "Remember, family is everything - see you soon."

  12. "Keep our memories close, until we create new ones."

  13. "Goodbye, looking forward to our next family holiday together."

  14. "Treasure the family moments, until we meet again."

  15. "A family's love is never far, goodbye for now."

  16. "Let's keep the family spirit alive, see you soon."

  17. "Goodbye, can't wait for our next family adventure."

  18. "We are family, no matter the distance. Goodbye."

  19. "Until our next family gathering, take care."

  20. "See you at the next family get-together, goodbye for now."

  21. "Stay strong as a family, see you soon."

  22. "Goodbye, remember our family is but a call away."

  23. "Until our paths cross on the home front, goodbye."

  24. "Looking forward to our next family dinner, goodbye for now."

  25. "Remember you're always in our thoughts, see you soon."

  26. "Family first, until we meet again."

  27. "May our love as a family carry you, goodbye."

  28. "We are just a family trip away, see you soon."

  29. "Goodbye, keep the family traditions alive."

  30. "Can't wait for our next family celebration, goodbye for now."

  31. "Goodbye, remember the family is your fortress."

  32. "Until we come together as a family again, take care."

  33. "Keep the family bond strong, see you soon."

  34. "Goodbye, carry the family legacy forward."

  35. "Until we share the family laughter again, goodbye."

  36. "See you at the next family gathering, goodbye for now."

  37. "Remember, family is forever. See you soon."

  38. "Goodbye, keep the family love alive."

  39. "Can't wait to hear your stories at the next family gathering. Goodbye."

  40. "Keep our family values close to your heart, until we meet again."

Ways to Say Goodbye to Coworkers

ways to say goodbye to coworkers
  1. "Keep in touch, until we meet again."

  2. "Will miss our coffee breaks, stay well."

  3. "May your future be bright. Goodbye for now."

  4. "Until we cross paths again, take care."

  5. "Farewell, I look forward to our paths crossing again."

  6. "Keep up the good work, goodbye."

  7. "It's been a pleasure working with you, farewell."

  8. "Stay ambitious, until we meet again."

  9. "Goodbye, I look forward to hearing about your next adventure."

  10. "May success follow you, farewell."

  11. "You've made work a better place, goodbye."

  12. "Until our next meeting, stay well."

  13. "Keep striving, until we meet again."

  14. "Goodbye, you'll be missed around here."

  15. "Don't forget to stay in touch. Goodbye."

  16. "You're a hard act to follow, farewell."

  17. "Goodbye, may your journey be fruitful."

  18. "Until we meet again, keep reaching for the stars."

  19. "Goodbye, your contributions won't be forgotten."

  20. "See you around, take care."

  21. "Goodbye, your positive energy will be missed."

  22. "It was a pleasure collaborating with you, farewell."

  23. "May prosperity follow you, goodbye."

  24. "Your dedication will be missed until we meet again."

  25. "Don't be a stranger, goodbye."

  26. "May your path be smooth, farewell."

  27. "Goodbye, keep pushing the boundaries."

  28. "You've set the bar high, farewell."

  29. "Wishing you all the best, until we meet again."

  30. "Goodbye, remember there's no limit to what you can achieve."

  31. "You're capable of great things, farewell."

  32. "Goodbye, your hard work and dedication were an inspiration."

  33. "We'll miss your enthusiasm until we meet again."

  34. "Goodbye, stay positive, and keep challenging yourself."

  35. "Farewell, may your new venture be successful."

  36. "Until we meet again, keep making a difference."

  37. "Goodbye, always remember the good times here."

  38. "Farewell, thanks for making a difference."

  39. "Goodbye, your optimism and perseverance will be missed."

  40. "Keep exploring new frontiers, until we meet again."

Ways to Say Goodbye in Person

ways to say goodbye in person
  1. Give a hug or embrace if you are close to the person.

  2. Shake hands if appropriate in the situation.

  3. A polite nod of the head or wave of the hand can be sufficient in certain situations.

  4. Offer a kind word or two before departing, such as "Take care" or "Have a wonderful day."

  5. Tell them when you will see each other again.

  6. Make plans to keep in touch with emails, text messages and phone calls if appropriate.

  7. Give a meaningful goodbye gift to someone you care about before leaving them for an extended period.

  8. Write a handwritten note that expresses your feelings or gratitude towards the person — this will leave an indelible memory that will last for a long time.

  9. Be expressive with your gestures and body language to show the person how much they mean to you.