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10 Simple Ways to Stay in Touch with Friends

Keeping up with your friends can be difficult. Your job, significant other, and family obligations can eat up most of your free time. This can leave a rift between you and your close friends. Fortunately, there are always solutions to these types of problems. Keeping in touch with your friends oftentimes requires you to take initiative first. Read on to find out 10 ways to stay in touch with your friends. Here are 10 easy ways to stay connected with your friends.

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Ways to maintain relationship with friends

1. Set up reminders for important dates

You can use apps like Google Calendar or check Facebook for important dates for your friends. This can include birthdays and anniversaries which make it easy to reconnect by saying congratulations.

set up reminders for friends

2. Message Regularly

This is an incredibly easy option thanks to social media that just requires a little effort. Send your closest friends messages on your social media platform of preference every so often to remind them that you are still thinking about them.

message friends regularly

3. Plan Hangouts

We grow distant from each other when we don’t get to see each other in person regularly. Plan a hangout with your best friends to make sure that you don’t lose touch.

plan hangout with friends

4. Meet Them in the Middle

Sometimes distance is the main hindrance that prevents you from hanging out with your friends. Plan a hangout that is somewhere in the middle to fix the distance problem.

meet friends in the middle

5. Call Them

Most people don’t like to talk on the phone anymore and prefer to text. However, there are many benefits to a good old-fashioned phone call. Give your best friend a call if you haven’t spoken them in a while and see what’s been happening in their lives.

call your friends

6. Create a Regular Meetup Schedule

Hanging out once or twice in a blue moon doesn’t guarantee that you will be able to stay in touch with your friends. Create a meetup group based around a shared interest and schedule it regularly. This is a great way to get you and your friends on a set routine of seeing each other.

create a meetup schedule

7. Play Games Together

A great activity to do together is play games online together. Whether you’re into competitive gaming or prefer a more casual gaming experience, there are plenty of them available for you to choose from. Grab your best friends and schedule a hangout online.

play games together

8. Send Care Packages

Make sure to send your best friends care packages from time to time. Include their favorite foods and recent photos of your family to let them know how things have been. There’s nothing quite like a care package from your best friend to remind them that you still care about them.

send care packages

9. Watch Movies Online

There are various online services that let you watch movies together in real time. Schedule a time to watch your favorite movie with your best friend online for some real bonding time.

watch movies online

10. Schedule a Vacation

Work for you and your friends can be stressful at times. Taking a vacation is the perfect way to bond with your friends and release some stress that is caused by work. Schedule a vacation and create some memorable experiences with your friends.

schedule a vacation with friends

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Make an effort to connect with friends

Taking the initiative to contact your friends is the absolute best method to keep in touch with your friends who may have moved away or are incredibly busy in their lives.